Report a County Sighting

There is no required format for a rarity sighting report to the Harford County Bird Club; however, the online form, below, is organized by key topics that should be addressed in a comprehensive rarity sighting report.

When to Report a Rarity

Click Here for Detailed Instructions on reporting a rarity.

Harford County Records Committee Species Sighting Documentation Report

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Use the form below to send your sighting report directly to the Harford Bird Club Records Committee. Please be sure to separately send visual documentation to support your submission. If you need more space for any item, use the area under “Additional Comments”.

The form below is for reporting rare and review-able bird species only. We encourage your participation, but please check the Harford County review-able lists first, before you send in a report. Click Here to View the List

Not all these fields will pertain to your observation, nor are they all necessary to report or correctly identify a species. Please keep in mind, not including something you did see may lessen the value of your documentation.

Note: It is best to take and record field notes before consulting field guides. Sketches & photos are encouraged.

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Send your additional documentation including photos by email to:

Harford Bird Club
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