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“Use the talents you possess. The woods would be very silent if no birds sang
there except those that sang the best”- Henry van Dyke.

The March meeting will be all about highlighting our talents as a club. We will be
celebrating club members who have gone above and beyond for our organization.
Yearly awards will be announced and clapping will take place. Maybe even a group
photo for our social media sites.
We will continue the evening by highlighting young talent in the birding world.
Three high school students will be sharing their birding experience. Harford Bird
Club project grant winner, Ellie Andreen from Havre de Grace Middle will share
how she utilized Harford Bird Club funds to create and maintain a bird box trail at
Chapel Road Park for her girl scout silver award. The Harford Bird Club sponsored
fourteen-year-old, Natural Resource Agriculture Science student at North Harford
High School, Nick Spigler by providing a partial scholarship to Camp Avocet in
Delaware last summer. Nick reached out to the club and asked to share his
experience and photos from that adventure. Cole Ettenhofter, a past Horizon
Award winner and Natural Resource Agriculture Science student at North Harford
High School will be sharing his capstone project research about the arrival and
departure dates of White-throated Sparrows based on forty years’ worth of
Harford County banding data.
Speaker Biographies

 Ellie Andreen is an eighth-grade student at Havre de Grace Middle School. She
is a Girl Scout with a passion for birds. Ellie is currently working toward
achieving her Girl Scout Silver Award and is placing Eastern Bluebird boxes at
Chapel Road Park in Havre de Grace. She received a small grant from the
Harford Bird Club to complete her project and will be updating the club on her
project and how the funds were used.

 Cole Ettenhofer attended his first bird banding at Eden Mill when he was 9
years old. He visited the station on and off working with Dr. Mark Johnson.
During his first year of high school he was assigned a project to complete
research about a natural science that interested him. Cole chose bird banding
at Eden Mill because he had always liked birds. Cole learned all the basics of
bird banding and absolutely loved the science behind it. Cole is now working on
a capstone research project with short distance migrant summer birds such as the White-Throated Sparrow.  Cole is now working on a capstone research project with short distance migrant summer birds such as the White-Throated Sparrow. Trends in the departure and arrival dates of the White-Throated Sparrow were analyzed to see if they suggest a correlation to global atmospheric warming trends. The data analyzed was from the years 1980-2012 at Harford Glen Banding station. The initial findings of the study reveal that the arrival date and departure date of the White-throated Species did change, but how? Come to the meeting to see if the species arrived early or late in correlation to the atmospheric warming trends.

 Nick Spigler is a 14 year old freshman in the Natural Resources Magnet at North Harford High School. He first became interested in birds in second grade when his second grade teacher, Mrs. Barbara Gasper, and the gifted and talented teacher, Mrs. Mary Murray, introduced him to a morning birding club called ‘Early Birds’. Mrs. Mary Murray also organized a small group of students to monitor bird feeders during lunch to submit data to Project Feederwatch. Ever since these events, he has been passionate about bird, birding, and nature. He has participated in many bird related activities since, such as having the honor of visiting Dr. Dove’s lab of forensic ornithology, receiving the youth birder of the year award from the Harford Bird Club, and participating in two Christmas Bird Counts. He is currently working on his freshman year project volunteering at the Susquehannock Wildlife Center and conducting bird surveys on their property. Last summer, Nick received a partial scholarship from the Harford Bird Club to attend Camp Avocet in Delaware, hosted by the American Birding Association. He will be presenting a PowerPoint presentation about his time at Camp Avocet. Nick will cover the total species seen list from his time at camp, the interesting birds and rarities spotted and a summary of the events that unfolded while at camp. In the future, Nick plans to pursue a career in the field of natural science. The Harford Bird Club is proud of Nick’s accomplishments so far in his 14 years and is honored to be a part of helping him to achieve his career goals.

The March Dinner meeting will be on Friday, March 1 at the Churchville Presbyterian
Church. The meeting begins at 6:15 p.m. with a delicious dinner prepared by the
members of church. HBC Awards will be featured and handed out during the business
meeting. The yearly HBC Awards focus on members who have taken an active (visible
or non-visible) roll in our club in the past year. A bucket raffle will allow the attendees
to win fabulous prizes. The presentation will follow featuring our three youthful
birders. The dinner reservation form is on Page 14. Please send your dinner
reservation form to Johanne Henrickson by February 22.